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"Millanen Design is a graphic design studio"

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Millanen Design is a graphic design studio based in Finland. The author of the studio is a graphic designer, illustrator and filmmaker Milla Tähkänen. She founded Millanen Design after her graduation at Helsinki Design School in 2016. There she studied graphic design and fashion film making.

Milla Tähkänen has also studied film making at Tampere Polytechnic – The School of Art and Media, where she graduated as Medianomi (AMK) in 2004. Milla specialised in film production and art direction. After that Milla has taken several courses and online classes about photographing, lighting, drawing, oil painting, song writing, copywriting, marketing, branding, filmmaking, directing etc.

Millanen Design is focusing on helping entrepreneurs and startups with their visual designing. 


Kuva, jossa Milla Tähkänen on piirtämässä kuvitusta ketusta
Kuvassa Milla Tähkänen

I have a modern scandinavian style in my art – clear and beautiful. I also like to combine some playfulness in to it. I find inspiration from nature, art and music. I prefer combine computer art and drawing.

Milla Tähkänen

Millanen Design


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Graphic design

Unique logos, brand identity, proshures, package design, website design etc.

Kuva Millanen Designin videosta


Illustrations, infography etc. I combine computer art and drawing in my works.

Milla Tähkänen piirtämässä kuvitusta

Photography &
Film making

Product photography, corporate films, short films, fashion films etc. made by a small team.

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